Linda Meigs will fight for all Alabamians to have access to quality, affordable healthcare because a community is more successful when all its members are healthy.

Here in Madison County, almost 20% of our neighbors are Medicaid eligible. And who are these 65,000 people? 82% of them are senior citizens, disabled or blind people, or children below the age of 18. The other 18% include pregnant women, parent caretakers of disabled children and family planning services. Some of our lawmakers like to describe these citizens as “takers”, but the church taught me to take care of “the least of these”. Our current lawmakers in Montgomery refused to expand Medicaid when they had the opportunity. In so doing, they drove doctors out of our state, shut down rural hospitals and prevented thousands of Alabamians from receiving health care, which in turn drove up your healthcare costs.

Linda Meigs will fight for quality healthcare and funding so that treatment for a major illness or long-lasting condition won’t bankrupt our citizens. She’s asking for your vote for AL State House District 20!