Linda Meigs is a proud product of Huntsville City Schools and a mother of two children who thrived in Huntsville’s public schools. Linda was a member of the second graduating class of Grissom High School. She taught at Grissom High School for 25 years and in Huntsville’s public Magnet School Program at the Academy for Academics and Arts (AAA) and Lee High School for two years each.

As a result of this background, Linda understands the importance of excellent public education for all young people. Research shows us that children who participate in quality education from an early age are more likely to graduate from high school, more likely to graduate from college, and more likely to get a good job. In fact, the return on investment in quality early childhood education can be as high as $16 for every $1 spent. A society that invests in excellent public education for all is a stronger one that benefits everyone.


Since 2008, Alabama’s spending for education has decreased 14%.

Since 2008, Alabama’s spending for education has decreased 14%. We must reverse the chronic pattern of underinvestment in our schools, students, teachers and classroom technology. By investing in our public schools now, we can rebuild our skilled workforce and lay the foundation for economic growth and development for years to come. Our young people deserve nothing less than an education agenda that equips them with the tools to find creative solutions for the challenges of tomorrow.

In order to help our young people achieve success beyond the classroom, Linda Meigs is committed to increased investment in education funding of early literacy initiatives, STEM activities, the study of world languages, art and music, and strong Cradle-to-Pre-K programs. Students need to thrive in order to excel in school and become contributing members of society, which will benefit them and their community.

Linda Meigs will fight for the future of our education in Alabama, and she’s asking for your support and your vote for Alabama State House District 20!