A Living Wage

Linda Meigs is committed to enacting a living wage in Alabama because a community is more prosperous and successful if its people earn enough to thrive.

A person’s worth is often defined by their job, and Alabama’s workforce needs to feel valued for the part they play. Any person who works 40 hours per work should earn enough money so that they’re not obligated to rely on food stamps. More than that, we need to respect all workers, and we need to demonstrate that respect by paying them more than enough to simply survive.

Linda Meigs believes in the future of Alabama, and she is committed to the development of science and green energy jobs. Our state must invest in training for jobs for our future, such as those involved in wind energy and solar energy. These industries would capitalize on our state’s natural resources and we will reap the benefits of these clean energy jobs.

Linda Meigs will fight for a living wage for all of Alabama’s citizens, and she’s asking for your vote for AL State House District 20!